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Visiting quilt groups is always a delight, and I would love to visit yours and meet the members when and if circumstances allow.


Talks usually last 50-60 minutes, plus time for questions.


I am also very happy to give a talk for up to 100 people (more by arrangement) via Zoom, and this can be a much more affordable option as there are no travel, accommodation or venue costs.


Current Talks

What Judges Are Looking For

Having completed the two-year Quilters Guild of the British Isles training course, I am qualified to judge and jury quilts both nationally and internationally.


In this talk, I give insights into how judges are trained in the UK and then move on to explain what judges are looking for regardless of the country they are in. There will also be hints and tips on how to improve your own entry plus plenty of time for questions.


What Makes it Modern?

Modern quilts are being featured more and more in books, magazine and shows. So, what makes a quilt “Modern” and how does it differ from other quilt styles?


As an international quilt judge and member of both the Modern section of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles and the Modern Quilt Guild, I can bring a unique insight to this topic.


In this talk I look at the current definitions of Modern quilts and illustrate what the terms mean. You will gain a better understanding of what makes a quilt Modern and may find that you have been “quilting modern” without knowing it!


25 Years of Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Having been a quilter for more than 25 years, and spending a lot of that time in Guild meetings and workshops across two continents, I have picked up a host of tips and tricks for making patchwork and quilting easier, faster or simply better.


This presentation includes ideas and techniques that I have found especially useful over the years as well as to answer the questions most often asked in workshops. 

I am a qualified quilt judge, so I also address some issues that judges often see and penalise, but which are relatively easily rectified.

Quilting with a Walking Foot

Most sewing machines are supplied with a walking foot or have a dual feed system. They can be used for so much more than simply sewing on a quilt binding or stitching in the ditch.


Intended for those who want to know how to use their walking foot (or their dual feed system) more effectively, this talk covers both simple and complex quilting designs, utilising straight lines, curves, spirals and decorative stitches. It also includes suggestions for thread and needle choices.

VB Talk
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