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Preparing for the Festival of Quilts

At next week’s Festival of Quilts, I am due to lead a seminar on Modern quilting for judges and soon-to-be-judges (that’s judging students who will be beginning their final module at the Festival of Quilts).

For various reasons, the timing for this presentation is critical – it needs to be no more than an hour. Having put a presentation together, I was reluctant to just read through it to check timing because half of the presentation involves active participation.

My weekly quilt group, Castle Wall are incredibly supportive and were happy to act as guinea pigs for me – so to that end I gave my presentation to them today.

As you can see from the picture, they were a wonderful audience – attentive and with interesting comments to make. Best of all, the presentation took exactly an hour! It isn’t likely that the timing will be the same with the judges, since I suspect they will have more comments to make, but I now know that I can complete my initial presentation in half an hour, allowing audience participation for the other half an hour.

The QGBI judges haven’t had an opportunity to get together and share knowledge like this for a number of years, so I feel a certain amount of pressure to make this a success. Thanks to Castle Wall, I feel much more confident!

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